Healthy Desserts Offer More Options for Families

When most people think about dessert mixes, the word healthy does not come to mind. These products are typically off limits for vegans and for anyone with an allergy to eggs, dairy or tree nuts. The innovative company responsible for Just Mayo, the mayonnaise that allows everyone to enjoy the tasty spread on their sandwiches is bringing healthy and delicious dessert mixes to stores very soon.

There are so many foods children with allergies are not able to enjoy. They might not be able to participate in birthday parties because of the possibility they might eat something that will cause a reaction. They can’t even trade snacks like other kids in school because of the potential for illness. However, with products like Hampton Creek dessert mixes, kids can have all the things their friends eat and not have to be concerned about their allergies.

Parents love products like this because it helps them let their kids feel normal. Although their brownies might be different from the ones their friends are eating, they don’t look different so kids with allergies won’t stand out from their peers. Of course, it’s still important for kids to know not to trade their treats but they won’t have to miss out on snacks with their lunch anymore.

These desserts aren’t just for kids. Adults who need a treat can quickly whip up a delicious dessert for themselves without feeling guilty about all the unhealthy ingredients found in other mixes. Most commercial dessert products are full of things that people should not put into their bodies. They are part of the cause of illnesses like obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Eliminating those foods and replacing them with healthier options is one of the best ways for a person to improve their health and increase their life span.

Hampton Creek will be introducing many new products to local stores in the near future. Unlike other vegan foods on the market today, these products will actually be affordable for the average family and sold in stores where many families on a budget shop, like Walmart and Target in all parts of the country.