Join the Pageant with FIFA 14 Coins in World Cup Exclusive Holiday

51As we all know, Brazil is the kingdom of football, and his citizens are obsessed with football as well. But have you imagined that Brazil government would set up World Cup Exclusive Holiday for 2014 World Cup Brazil? Unbelievable! Now, buy FIFA 14 Ultimate Team coins at gold4fans to experience the pageant in-game.

Festivals in Brazil

Brazil is originally has more public holidays than other countries in general. According to the statistics, Brazil has nine national holidays, and other seven holidays decided by employers, like Businessmen Day, Teacher’s Day, Civil Servants and other occupational festivals. Whether people can take a rest on those seven holidays, it is up to the employers.

Besides, many states and municipalities have their unique festivals. For example, there are three local festivals in Rio de Janeiro.

World Cup Exclusive holiday in Brazil

It is world-widely known that Brazil citizens are fond of football, and Brazil as the kingdom of football is famous all over the world. The event that 2014 World Cup landed on Brazil makes this country boiling.

Under FIFA’s requirement, Brazil has set up a World Cup common law to make the events run on the right track. Brazilian lawmakers strengthened the trademark protection and added a new law for issuing visas. Except for those, they set World Cup exclusive holiday.

1. Extra 6 days off on Sao Paulo

According to the regulations, during 2014 World Cup, as long as Brazilian Team is involved in a match, all Brazilian citizens can have an afternoon off. Besides, each host city can give a day holiday on that day. Thus, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte can get extra 3 days for holidays, and Brasilia and Cuiaba have more 4 days to take a rest. Even Sao Paulo citizens have more 6 days off.

2. Only one fifth days to work on Salvador

Stunningly, Salvador, one of the World Cup host cities, only has four days to work from June 12 to July 2, and the rest is weekends, national holidays, local holidays, or World Cup exclusive holidays.

3. Summer holiday in advance for World Cup

For Brazilian students, there is also a benefit from World Cup. In order to guarantee students watch the prevailing game, many local primary and secondary schools will be summer holidays in advance.

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